Pixel Federation

Occupancy & Utilization and Workspace Satisfaction Measurement


Pixel Federation is widely acknowledged to have on of Bratislava’s smartest offices. And not just in style – its facilities and features are truly state-of-the art.

But that’s no reason to tread water. The business wanted to see if the office could be even better, so its 170 people could be even more efficient, effective and happy with their workspace.


We spent two weeks observing the way the workspaces were used, and asked employees to complete a satisfaction survey ­– which nearly everyone filled in. We also used a range of tools to measure occupancy and utilisation levels every hour for 10 working days.


The biggest problem the data highlighted was around collaborative and private working spaces. Only one meeting room was used for more than half of the time. And the majority of meetings were one-to-ones, yet most of the rooms hold far greater numbers.


That said; there were also some outstanding survey results. 70% were satisfied with the working environment, 84% felt it aided collaboration, and 87% agreed it made management more approachable.

There were some alarms bells though. 53% wanted more private spaces for sensitive calls and conversations, and 39% wanted more visual privacy.

In response, Pixel Federation now aims to make the space even more flexible for employees. The staircase and office gym had been highlighted as a real plus when it came to wellbeing and health. But with their recent growth the importance of balancing the numbers of collaboration and private work spaces has been made clear.

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