HB Reavis Office in Warsaw

A New Home for HB Reavis Poland


When our Poland team moved, their new office was created by Warsaw’s In Design studio. We wanted to make sure the space was perfect for our colleagues – for their work and wellbeing. So we gave them the full Origameo service.


We compared workspace satisfaction data before and after the relocation. We also put sensors around the new site to see how the rooms, offices and facilities were being used.


There were some areas to focus on. The atrium-style staircase, designed to encourage movement between floors, also featured comfortable breakout areas: would people use them for small ad hoc meetings? Larger presentations? Or both?


Also, the hallways and corners had been kitted out with booths and side tables; perfect for one-to-one or small meetings, or individual, focused work. And the two open kitchens were expected to host most social meals, and help everyone to interact more.



We saw a marked improvement after the move. 87% of employees were satisfied with the new environment.

The biggest difference was their perception of the office: more people were excited about coming to work, and greater numbers said the different spaces improved their ability to complete different tasks. Over 97% believed the design reflected the company culture and was a point of difference for the business.

The only negative points revolved around visual and phone privacy. The plan is to soon amend the design to include more phone booth-style private spaces and acoustic solutions.


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