Why origameo

Origameo designs an employee-focused and evidence based
workspace experience tailored to the heart and soul of
your business.


  • Multidisciplinary Team
  • Localized Research
  • Participative and Evidence Based Design
  • End to End Relocation Guidance


The office is no longer merely a container for “where” work happens. At Origameo we believe in informed decisions - a participative and evidence based design approach. The accent today is on activities, roles and a fine balance between collaboration and focus time.

“How” work happens has to be mirrored in the design of the work space. In fact, it only makes sense that the place where we spend most of our awake hours incites innovation, enhances productivity and provides a refuge that cultivates well-being and growth.

Attracting and retaining talent is increasingly important. Origameo recognizes that business leaders around the world expect their workspace to be a market differentiator.

Modern and healthy workspaces with a unique identity and appropriate flexibility can reduce operation costs and increase the attractiveness of employers.


Participative and evidence based design

Our decisions are user and data driven and our multidisciplinary team continuously improves its research methods and technology. We collect and analyse local primary as well as global secondary data.

culture and design

Company culture can be communicated through the space it occupies and so the office becomes another channel to instill a way of doing business, a unique identity, comfort and self-expression.

as an enabler

We believe that design is driven by people and people are driven by design. Physical space creates social space and vice versa. Space instills perceptions and behaviours and as such it should empower and energize us.

Designing for

The office has to enable us to be healthy and productive. After all, we spend most of our time here. Space can invigorate our senses and it should allow us to breathe, eat, move and think in ways our body and mind appreciates.

and focus space

We trust that productivity is encouraged by a smart arrangement of relationships and networks. At the same time we respect privacy as a significant enabler of creativity and innovation. As much as we believe in designing for collisions, brainstorming and teamwork, we recognize the importance of individual performance.

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