About Origameo

We’re part of HB Reavis, the international workspace provider, and were born from the Group’s passion for creating remarkable workplaces that suit who you are. Origameo, workplace consultancy team, will help you to create the most suitable workspace for your company from the very beginning.


As the market’s evolved, we’ve seen the ongoing experience become just as important to overall customer satisfaction as the original office design. That’s why we started managing our own buildings and became long-term business partners with our clients.
For your business

The right flow of workplace helps people naturally meet, pass on information, collaborate and create things together. Ultimately, it boosts your company’s potential for productivity and innovation.

For your people

A well-planned workplace eliminates busy spots and dead zones, ensuring every asset you invest in is effectively utilised. The office becomes a vibrant place, where everyone has the type and size of workspace to suit the work they do, along with storage and relaxation areas.

For your company

When people spend less time looking for free meeting rooms or waiting for coffee, they can get to work quicker and feel more productive.


Architects, designers, social scientists, innovators, business consultants and project managers who love carefully designed user-centric workplaces that just “work”.

We are part of HB Reavis, the international workspace provider. We have 50 experts spread across six countries specialising in three core workspace fields: consultancy, workspace design and fit-out project management.

An Origameo design and build is based on real data of your business’ activities and needs. It reflects on your ambitions with a clear strategy and is seamlessly delivered.

Our team

Martin Neštepný

Group Head of Origameo

Jakub Baňas

Group Head of Fit out

Monika Winiarska

Group Head of Workspace Design

Ester Danelová

Group Head of Consulting

Anna Duma

Director Poland

Krisztián Karsai

Director Hungary

Viktor Tokoš

Director Slovakia

Jan Veselý

Country Representative, United Kingdom

Andrea Foretníková

Country Representative, Czech Republic

Marcel Sedlák

Country Representative, Germany

As a Group, we develop cutting-edge methodologies, tools and processes for our three core teams: consulting, workspace design and fit-out.

The tools are then brought into life by our country teams, who use their in-depth local market knowledge and relationships with industry specialists to tailor them to your needs.

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